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August 2017

Identity crisis

So far this year I’ve been on a journey to live my life in a way that’s within my means. Whilst it’s so easy to compare yourself to others, sometimes you have to remind yourself that you’re you, with your own individual needs. The past few months in particular have felt really significant in terms of identity and adapting the way I live to enable me to go about my daily life in a reasonable, albeit limited way, thanks to fibromyalgia and the host of trials that it brings.

The past few weeks have been focused on the way I create. My creative identity. This is something I relish in – a huge part of who I am, despite the health conditions that can sometimes seem like such a dominant part of life. But whilst I’ve adapted my daily life, I’ve battled with the creative process. So what do you do when the way you’ve always worked is not always doable? I started to actually feel quite excited about the possibilities and the chance to experiment, but that openness recently brought with it a sense of aimlessness and a questioning of where ‘I’ was in all of this. I did a lot of soul searching (as I often feel art comes from the very ‘being’ of who I am) and looked to other artists for inspiration. Finally, after much thought and experimentation, I feel I’m making some headway to getting the balance I need between detailed work and more laidback work. For a few days I explored the illustrator in me, and just went with the flow to try some children’s book illustration.


Whilst I found this relaxing I couldn’t let go of my love of detail, so combined this sort of illustration with more intricate pattern.


I realised I felt I had to fit in to a specific category: am I a ‘children’s book illustrator’? Am I a ‘fine artist’? I now realise I can combine elements to work around my difficult days when I’m in a bit of a ‘fibro fog’, to keep doing what I love.

In other areas of my creative life, I’ve been busy trying out a new bag pattern, using upcycled material to create useful (and unique!) pouch-style shoulder bags (picture below). I’m also thrilled to share the news that my piece ‘Flower Power 2’ was chosen to be shown in the current Penarth Pavilion exhibition. You can visit the website here. The exhibition runs until 28th August.




Once upon a time…

A while ago an acquaintance asked me to illustrate a children’s story they’d written about a little adopted kitten. I based some of the illustrations on places I’ve been/lived.











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