From the a tiny Boat House favoured by Dylan Thomas, to JK Rowling’s favourite cafe – we find our creative juices flowing in surroundings unique to our personalities. In this post I’m inviting you to come on a tour of my own work space, and take a peek into a space which has become an extension of myself.


My work space essentials:

  • Spacious desk
  • DAB radio
  • daylight magnifying lamp
  • tissues
  • A clock
  • My tools


I find inspiration in the most unusual places, above you’ll see some beautifully illustrated, colourful boxes. These contained coffee, and were just too beautiful to throw away. I love the colour contrasts used and how art can merge with the ‘everyday’. My postcard wall has been building over the years, and is a visual diary of the places I’ve visited and the exhibitions I’ve seen. I also collect quotes and poetry that remind me to be thankful and keep creating when I’m lacking inspiration. The most unusual thing on my wall are authentic 1970’s party invitations (top row) which I found in a junk shop in Cardigan, West Wales; the colours are garish, and I felt they really reflected the aesthetic style of the time.


I used to store my artwork away in folders but realised they were pointless if I left them hiding away, so over the past year I’ve started to fill my walls with work from the past few years that I’ve been happy with. I think reminding yourself of what you’re capable of can be a boost when you’re feeling frustrated and not achieving the results you want with a piece you’re working on. I also have my degree on display for the same reason – to zap any feelings of uselessness and belief that ‘I can’t do it’.